Leadership in Disabilities & Achievement of Hawai'i

Hawai’i & Pacific Island Parent Training & Information Center


Introducing LDAHi Learning Works

Learning Works is an online learning center for parents, professionals, educators and anyone wanting to lean about topics such as Special Education Laws, Hawaii Administrative Rules, Advocacy and more!

We provide developmental, social-emotional, hearing, vision and autism screenings.

Serving Military Families

Are you relocating with an IEP and need support in your transition?

Laws Regarding Education

Are you looking for information regarding education laws such as Chapter 60, IDEA and more?

National Parent Training and Information Network

Helping other is humanity. We can’t make it without helps from people. We are thankful to them for volunteering and giving donations. We are only able to provide help from it.

We need you and your help!

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteers who love to help.

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