Parents as Partners Program

What is the Parents as Partners Program?

The Parents as Partners Program are online training courses for anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of special education laws, Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and other related topics focusing on Hawaii.

The online training courses are designed by Leadership in Disabilities & Achievement of Hawaii (LDAH) and are available at no cost to the community.  All you need to do is register online with us and be ready to learn.

Who should register for this program?

Anyone interested in helping children with disabilities have success in school, home and community. Parents, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Professionals who care about quality education for all children including children with disabilities.  This means you.

What is the benefit to me?

Knowledge is power.  You will gain the ability to participate in IEP meetings and other related meetings as an equal partner participant.  You will be equipped to advocate for your child and any child with a disability. These training courses will assist you in other areas of life too; not just in special education.

What is the benefit to the community?

Once you have completed our training courses, you will have the opportunity to use your new knowledge and skills for your own child and/or to help and be a support to other parents who need the information you now have.  The knowledge you gain will equip you to speak on behalf of children with disabilities and assist parents in the process of navigating through the special education maze.

Our Parents as Partners are individuals who have completed our training courses and have been identified by us as individuals who can help others at IEP meetings, and/or share their knowledge of basic laws such as Chapter 60, IDEA, ESSA, etc.

How do I begin?

Begin today by registering online.

If you are already a registered learner, click here to login.

Thank you for joining us and choosing to become a Parent Partner!